Sign up for PSD2 APIs


Access to PSD2 API in Sandbox

You must be in progress for approval by Finanstilsynet (Denmark) or another national
Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) for one or more PSD2 services when you apply.

When you have access to Sandbox:

- You get to try our APIs in a secure test environment

- You get access to all endpoints regardless of your eIDAS certificate

- It's free


Access to PSD2 API with Live data

Only the authorized parties with a licence from Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)
are allowed to access our dedicated live data interface under PSD2.

Access to endpoints according to your eIDAS certificate.



What happens next?

We will contact you ASAP and ask for a copy of your eIDAS certificate,
a copy of your approval from FSA and your redirect OAuth URI.