Support Available ?

To request support you must either be approved or in process for approval by Finanstilsynet (Denmark) or another national Financial Supervisiory Authority (FSA) for one or more PSD2 services.


Help Us Investigate

To help us investigate, please provide us with relevant detail information.

Here are some examples of information that might be useful for us:

  • Environment sandbox or live-data?
  • The full URL you are calling
  • Timestamp of the requests
  • A copy/dump of request and response
  • Which response/result did you expect?
  • Code snippet/test case to reproduce the request.
  • Are you using the request for the first time? Has the request previously worked OK?


Send email to


Urgent Incident with Live Data

If you encounter a really, really URGENT incident with high impact regarding live data, you can inform us by phone +45 7924 2870.

Please inform the operator that you are calling to report an incident regarding Bankdata's internal system ID called "X2A".
This will help the operator to dispatch the incident. The operator might ask you also to send an email with detail information to help us investigate the problem.

If you want to report OTHER issues, we ask you to send an e-mail to the e-mail address above