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Get started


How to get access to PSD2 regulated services and information.

Account Information Service Providers and Payment initiation Service Providers can access PSD2 regulated services and information via the customer facing interfaces made available to the banks customers. 

Descriptions on how to access the different customer facing solution can be found here

We plan to replace this solution with a solution based on dedicated API’s before end of 2021. But you don’t have to wait - You can already now be a part of the fast growing community of companies that are using our dedicated API’s. The API’s are only missing the features “app-to-app switching” and “Single SCA” from being fully PSD2 compliant, and we are guaranteeing at least the same availability and response time as you will experience in the customer facing solutions.

When our dedicated APIs later this year are fully PSD2 compliant, we will announce a plan, informing all parties that are directly accessing the customer facing interfaces, about how and when this access will be closed down.


How to get started

For accessing payment interfaces several options are available. Please contact psd2(a) for further details.