The Payment product allows you to create payments (e.g. single payments and periodic payments).
The product is PSD2-compliant.  

Step-by-step how to use the Payment product

Initial activities

Enrollment and TPP security need to be in place.


For every payment

This flow shows how to initiate and authorize a payment (including Strong Customer Authentication):

Payment signing flow


Try it out

In order to try our Payment Postman collection, please open your Postman and import these two files:

Payment environment file

Payment Postman collection file

We recommend you read the short description in Postman for both the collection and each request. This will help you understand the purpose of each request.

Remember to update your Postman environment settings with a valid token

Using the scaOAuth-link from the payment-authorization response, the Strong Customer Authentication of the payment uses the standard redirect OAuth2 flow, where the scope contains PIS:authorisationId.

For more details, click here.



The developer portal uses mockdata for all endpoints.
The IDs (e.g. paymentID) to be used when accessing data are described as part of the Postman collections and the examples in the Yaml-files.


Detailed documentation

For more detailed documentation, the Payment YAML-file can be seen and downloaded here:

View our Open API for Payment