Confirmation of Funds


Confirmation of funds (COF) allows third party providers to check if a specific account has sufficient funds at the time of the request. The product is PSD2 compliant.


Step-by-step how to use the COF product

Initial activities

Enrollment and TPP security need to be in place.

Read more here.

For every end user

  • End user signs COF consent for the specific account
    Notice: The COF consent has not been implemented yet.
  • Check Funds for a specific account

TPP checks Funds for a specific account using the valid COF consent and access token belonging to the end user and account.
Notice: The COF request can until further notice only be tried out with and 2-Legg token only.

More details below.


The COF consent has not been implemented yet, but it will follow the same process as Account consent.


Try it out

In order to try our COF Postman collection, please open your Postman and import these two files:

COF environment file

COF Postman collection file

We recommend you read the short description in Postman for both the collection and each request. This will help you understand the purpose of each request.
Remember to update your Postman environment settings with a valid token (for the time being you can use an 2-Legg token only).


Endpoints uses mockdata

The sandbox environment uses mockdata for all endpoints.
The accountID's to be used are described as part of the Postman collections and the examples in the YAML-files. 


Detailed documentation

For more detailed documentation the YAML-file can be downloaded here:

Download COF YAML