29 June 2022: Introducing running balance on transactions

You can now see either "interimAvailable" balance or "expected" balance for each transaction.

Corporate paymentaccounts often use "collections" to group many transactions into 1 total.
For transactions part of a collection, balance will only appear for the collection-header.
In the response 200 look for "balanceAfterTransaction" and "balanceType".
The feature is also available in Sandbox.

Please contact our PSD2 API support if you have comments or questions.

29 June 2022: Temp. timeouts on transactions service  (resolved)

Problem was resolved at 14:28 (danish time).

2 November 2021: MitID can be used as an alternative to NemID

When a paymentservice user (PSU) is signing a consent or payment, the PSU can now also use MitID to sign.
It requires the PSU is enrolled in MitID.
More info on MitID here:

1 July 2021: Info on certificate updates

Check out our page with info regarding certificate updates.