1 December 2022: app switching

Introducing further parameter: &return_app_type

We have informed ThirdPartyProviders already using app switching directly.
Please read more about app switching on our app switching page

29 September 2022: NemID end-of-life 1 Nov 2022

This news entry is nice-to-know information for supporters at ThirdPartyProviders.
From 1 November 2022 it is no longer possible for PaymentServiceUsers (PSU) to authenticate using NemID.
PSU must authenticate using MitID.  All PSUs are already informed about mandatory migration to MitID.

20 July 2022: Temp problems creating consent (resolved)

We had temp problems creating consents today between 11:36 and 17:08 (danish time).

29 June 2022: Introducing running balance on transactions

You can now see either "interimAvailable" balance or "expected" balance for each transaction.

Corporate paymentaccounts often use "collections" to group many transactions into 1 total.
For transactions part of a collection, balance will only appear for the collection-header.
In the response 200 look for "balanceAfterTransaction" and "balanceType".
The feature is also available in Sandbox.

Please contact our PSD2 API support if you have comments or questions.