2 November 2021: MitID can be used as an alternative to NemID

When a paymentservice user (PSU) is signing a consent or payment, the PSU can now also use MitID to sign.
It requires the PSU is enrolled in MitID.
More info on MitID here:

1 July 2021: Info on certificate updates

Check out our page with info regarding certificate updates.

10 June 2021 (timeouts resolved)

Level of timeouts are now back to the normal since Wednesday 9 June, 16:04.

June 2021, timeout - investigations ongoing

We are currently experiencing a higher level of timeout on our API services (TCP connect failing).
It looks like about 10% or more of the requests timeout.
We are investigating the problem in collaboration with our IT-partners.

4 June 2021, Info on interfaces

The developer portal is updated to enforce our WebBank and MobileBank interface in order to comply with PSD2 demands.

25 March 2021, Alm. Brand Bank APIs end-date

Important info regarding Alm. Brand Bank.
Alm. Brand Bank is acquired by Sydbank.  Effective from Friday 17 September 2021 all Alm. Brand Bank services are terminated.

From Sunday 19 September 2021 Third Party providers must use Sydbank services to access accounts previously in Alm. Brand Bank.
From Sunday 19 September 2021 "previously Alm. Brand Bank customers" must sign a new consent to access accounts and transactions.
Check updated list with API calls here: